What is GST ? SAP SD GST implementation complete guide

GST is a simple, powerful and unified system of tax that will subsume a host of Central and State indirect taxes. GST is a tax based on destination This means that it is assessed based at the place of purchase for the product or service instead of the place of the company. GST will reduce …

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What is a Serial Number in sap? How Do I Find My Serial number ? Why Is it Important To Know my serial number?

This blog will teach you the basics of serial number in sap and their usage for serializing equipment during plant maintenance. We will demonstrate what is serial number ,how to create a serial number profile, add it to the material master record, and create a brand new serial number to be attached to the equipment. SAP …

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How to Understand EDI: A blog around the fundamental principles of EDI

EDI is a digital method of transferring business documents. Using electronic data interchange reduces costs by reducing paperwork, speeding up processes, and improving customer satisfaction. In this blog, we cover the basic fundamental principles of electronic data interchange. This is a standardized, universal, and open format of data exchange. It is used in many industries …

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How to optimize batch management in sap

The batch management process in SAP ERP is used to separate the process of batch creation, batch release, and batch run. All batch data are entered as per the Batch Management Process of SAP ERP. In various industries, including the manufacturing industry, we need the task of working with uniform, partial amounts of a substance …

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