Legacy Systems to the Cloud: The Rise with SAP Journey

Rise with SAP is a cloud-native corporate solution that manages all business activities. It gives enterprises the flexibility and growth they need to manage the ever-changing digital market. This suite combines various SAP solutions to improve operations, productivity, and company growth. This article details SAP’s quick rise as an innovative business suite that is gaining popularity globally. This book explains Rise with SAP, its features, and its advantages for organizations in several sectors.

Rise with SAP simplifies the SAP S4/Hana migration from legacy systems. Rise SAP delivers cloud-based business systems with digital solutions for financial administration, supply chain logistics management, and customer interaction that reduce waste, enhance efficiency, and boost profitability. These solutions help businesses decrease expenses and increase profits.

Rise with SAP

What is Rise with SAP?

Rise with SAP is a comprehensive business suite that provides cloud-based services to improve operations. It provides a complete company solution for finance, HR, sales, marketing, supply chain, and more. The suite also offers tools and services to boost corporate innovation and development.

Introduction of RISE with SAP

The Beginning Rise with SAP is a cloud-based business tool that can help you run your whole business. It’s meant to give businesses the adaptability and growth they need to deal with the digital economy’s constant changes. This suite merges different SAP products into a single, unified system that helps companies improve their processes, become more efficient, and grow.

SAP gives you a service called RISE with SAP. The company will then put in place S/4HANA, its newest and most well-known Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, after SAP-ECC. Anyone who wants to or already does business can choose RISE with SAP. RISE with SAP only comes with HANA and S/4HANA. RISE with SAP has a cloud-based method to operational spending (OPEX), which means that businesses can use it without having to buy a lot of new equipment.

RISE concepts using SAP

  • Customers can deploy S/4HANA in the cloud using their preferred Hyperscale (AWS, Azure, or Google) for the Private Cloud Version.
  • Customers are not required to purchase perpetual licenses as part of their Capex budget.
  • Customers can choose between public and private clouds with SAP Service Offering.
  • Hosting your current S/4HANA on AWS, Azure, or another platform by the company itself is not RISE with SAP
  • ECC Customers can also use RISE with SAP by moving to S/4HANA
  • Customers are no longer required to manage their SAP infrastructure. SAP will carry out.
  • SAP rotates the servers. Installs the database and application on the servers and provides them to you for configuration, development, and use.
  • The private cloud version provides development flexibility, but the public Cloud Version requires you to employ standard solutions.
  • In the Private Cloud, you can use either SAP GUI or Fiori, but in the public cloud, you must use Fiori for both configuration and end-user operations.
  • The RISE with SAP package includes consumption credits (CPEA) for SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).
  • A Free Business Process Transformation Starter Pack is provided to customers.

RISE with SAP is a solution that unites S/4HANA, its most recent ERP release, with HANA at the core. RISE and SAP are offering this choice to both new and existing customers, but only the S/4HANA platform and HANA support are available at launch.

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The RISE platform with SAP is an all-encompassing digital transformation technology that offers businesses various digital services and solutions to enhance their operations, streamline them, make them more agile and efficient, and increase their competitiveness. RISE with SAP offers businesses the tools needed to become more efficient, agile, and successful; its comprehensive platform makes this possible through various digital services such as:

SAP S/4HANA Cloud: An intelligent ERP system that enables businesses to automate their processes, streamline operations, and gain real-time insights into their operations.

SAP Business Technology Platform: A cloud-based platform that provides businesses with tools and services to build, integrate, and extend their SAP applications.

SAP Business Network: A network of business partners that enables businesses to collaborate and connect with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders.

SAP Digital Supply Chain: Businesses may benefit from these tools and services to optimise their supply chains, from planning to execution, with the help of SAP Supply Chain Solutions. SAP Customer Experience offers clients a customized, genuinely outstanding experience at every point of contact.

In addition to providing digital tools, RISE with SAP provides enterprises with access to SAP’s worldwide network of partners and experts who are able to help in the development of software that is specially built to meet the requirements and specifications of the firm. RISE with SAP is an all-inclusive digital transformation system that provides businesses with a variety of digital services and solutions that are meant to modernize operations while simultaneously enhancing efficiency and competitiveness.

What is the rise with sap s/4hana

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that is hosted in the cloud and interfaces with a variety of digital services, RISE by SAP S/4HANA enables organizations to automate processes, simplify operations, and receive real-time insights. These products, when used together, improve agility and efficiency while also optimizing processes across departments, giving them a competitive advantage. This is an extremely beneficial combination for organizations of any sort.

How does Rise with SAP work?

SAP’s Rise cloud-based service offers advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning, enabling companies to make informed decisions and maintain a a competitive edge.

RISE with SAP benefits

RISE and SAP Benefits for Businesses

  • Enhances the the customer experience and operational efficiency.
  • Optimizes processes, reduces costs, and scales operations.
  • Provides sustainability capabilities and agility in response to change.
  • Simplifies processes, encourage collaboration, and boosts efficiency.
  • Allows faster reaction to market conditions and customer needs.
  • Reduces costs and increases profits.
  • Improves efficiency through automation of repetitive processes, simplifying logistics networks, and eliminating waste in supply networks.
  • Enhances consumer engagement by providing personalized experiences, strengthening relationships, and increasing customer loyalty.
  • Increased Efficiency: Provides access to the latest technologies and tools for rapid innovation and growth.
  • Improved Agility: Allows businesses to respond to market developments and customer needs more rapidly.
  • Reduced Costs: Streamlines operations, eliminates unnecessary expenses, and boosts efficiency.
  • Increased Sustainability: Assists businesses in implementing sustainable practices like reducing carbon footprint and improving water management.
  • Advanced Analytics: Offers a range of analytics and reporting solutions for a deeper understanding of operations and intelligent decision-making.

What is the difference between SAP HEC and Rise?

Two services that are specialized in cloud hosting and infrastructure are provided by SAP HEC and RISE with the following names: In contrast to RISE, which functions as a digital transformation platform that optimizes operations across finance, supply chain management, customer interaction, human capital management, and human resource management, HEC is a managed cloud environment that allows SAP applications to be operated without the need to maintain infrastructure. The goal of these services is to assist businesses in maximizing the advantages that SAP solutions provide while simultaneously lowering their carbon emissions and boosting their revenues. This will allow for the creation of a more promising future that encourages both sustainability and agility.


Rise with SAP is a suite that is hosted in the cloud that provides companies with the ability to simplify their operations, improve their growth, and maintain their competitive edge in the modern digital economy. Businesses are able to innovate more rapidly, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and make more informed choices in digital economies when they have access to cutting-edge technologies that are made accessible via Rise with SAP.

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