What is the use of SAP shortcut keys in SAP?

SAP shortcut keys can be used instead of the icon button. This requires the user to drag their cursor to it, which is a tedious task for a keyboard user. A shortcut key is a combination or keys that users can use to access icon button functions in SAP without the need for a mouse.

In this blog, we’ll see how we save time when we call a transaction between the screens. we can utilize the sap shortcut key command.

Introduction on SAP shortcut

SAP shortcut keys are combinations of keys that provide quick access to various functions within the SAP system. These shortcuts can streamline workflow and increase productivity. Common SAP shortcut keys include Enter (Return), Ctrl + S, F3, Shift + F3, F12, P, P, F, F1, F1, F1, Page Up/Page Down, and N. These keys allow users to perform tasks efficiently without relying on mouse clicks or icons. Common shortcuts may vary depending on the SAP screen, so users can explore more specific shortcuts to improve their SAP experience.

On a computer or laptop, however, the icon name, as well as the keyboard shortcut, will be displayed when the mouse hovers over the icon. These keyboard shortcuts for SAP can be used for identical icons depending on the screen they are displayed on. These shortcut keys are similar for both Microsoft and Mac-powered PCs.

There are two ways to enter the screen for a transaction. You either use a transaction code

SAP shortcut keys
SAP shortcut keys

or the path of the sap menu. We should always go to both the sap menu path and the SAP IMG menu in order to use the sap menu path.

sap menu path
SAP menu path

SAP can use this to transfer all of these problems between screens and without ever returning to the menu screen. You have a transaction code that you can enter directly on the transaction screen for every transaction in SAP at the command bar. Below is the list of shortcodes to use with the transaction code

Standard SAP Shortcut keys :

F4List of Possible entries or Match code 
F5Refresh the window content
F3Go back one step
F10 positions the cursor on the menu bar
/nEnd the current transaction
/nXXXXMove you from anywhere into transaction & terminate the current tcode 
/nVA00Move you from anywhere into the sales screen
/nVS00Move you from anywhere into the sales Master data
/nVC00Move you from anywhere into the sales support 
/nVL00Move you from anywhere into the Shipping 
/nVT00Move you from anywhere into the Transportation 
/nVF00Move you from anywhere into the Billing 
/nVX00Move you from anywhere into the Foreign trade 
/iDeleted the current session 
/nendlog off from the system
/nexlog off from the system without confirmation 
/oGenerates a session list 
/oXXXXOpen transaction XXXX in a new session 
Ctrl +S Save the transaction
Ctrl +FCtrl F
Ctrl +GFind Next
Ctrl+Shift+ PCapture hard copy of the screen which contain status text and pop-up as well
Alt+F12Customizing of local layout screen
Ctrl +F10display User Menu
Ctrl +F11 To display SAP Menu
ALTJump to menu 
ALT + SPACEJump to the system menu
TABNavigate to the next element 
SHIFT + TABNavigate to the previous element 
ALT + CTRL + ARROW rightNavigate to the read-only element 
CTRL + +Open a new SAP GUI window
CTRL + TABNavigate to the next group 
SHIFT + CTRL + TABNavigate to the previous group 
ESCAPECancel actions, step-by-step 
CTRL + +Open a new SAP GUI window 
ALT + SPACE, then MMove window
ALT + SPACE+ SResize window 
ALT + SPACE+ NMinimize the GUI window
ALT + SPACE +XMaximize the GUI window 
ALT + SPACE+RRestore the GUI window 
Ctrl+GContinue search
Ctrl+NOpen a new session in sap
Ctrl+F10User menu display
Ctrl+F11SAP Menu
Ctrl+shft+F6Add a transaction code to your favorite list

What is a function key in SAP ?

Using function keys you can access common functions quickly. The function keys (F keys) are special keys that allow the function without the menu to be triggered.

function key in SAP
Function key

At any time in sap, you can use F1. Press a field on your cursor and click F1. The SAP aid menu for your reference will be displayed. This is the best way to learn the functionality

image 9
F1 -Help

If a transaction is to be executed, simply fill in the entire field required and wither the screen execute button or press F8 to execute it.

image 10


Mastering SAP shortcut keys is like unlocking hidden treasures within the system. These keyboard combinations save time, reduce repetitive actions, and allow for speed and agility. They work across different screens and modules, allowing seamless navigation of tasks. Additionally, users can create their own shortcuts for frequently used functions, personalizing their SAP experience to suit their workflow. Using shortcut keys effectively enhances efficiency and productivity in SAP.

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