Elevating Customer Experiences with SAP Qualtrics Integration in SAP Commerce Cloud

For SAP Commerce Cloud stores, SAP Qualtrics is an online survey solution that gathers and arranges customer feedback. Qualtrics can manage any kind of research project, no matter how big or little.SAP acquired Qualtrics, a customer experience (CX) software company, for $8 billion. After that, SAP went public in 2021 for an estimated $21 billion, which allowed it to maintain control over the majority of the shares while still being able to operate freely.

During a January results conference call, SAP stated that it was considering selling its Qualtrics stock. Four million of these shares were to be sold as part of Silver Lake and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board’s (CPPIB) $12.5 billion acquisition of the company. Qualtrics integrates four experiences—customer, product, staff, and brand—into a single platform.

Introduction of SAP Qualtrics Integration

The ability to meet customer requirements with customized experiences is crucial to succeeding in today’s competitive business world, and the combination of SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Qualtrics provides businesses with a powerful solution that seamlessly combines operational data and experience data that gives businesses greater insight into the preferences of customers while providing companies the ability to create personalized experiences for customers.

SAP Qualtrics

Key Features of SAP Qualtrics Integration:

Capturing customer feedback:

Through the integration of SAP Commerce Cloud storefront owners are able to collect the feedback of B2B as well as B2C customers who use their online storefront. This provides invaluable information on the level of satisfaction with their customers and also areas to improve. Customer Feedback Management Integration of Qualtrics in too the SAP Commerce Cloud storefront makes the management and collection of customer feedback data a lot easier. Simply insert Qualtrics feedback screens onto any page, making it easier for customers to leave feedback. Surveys that are managed by Qualtrics may display when certain requirements are met on the storefront’s pages.

Consent Management:

It allows users to manage their consent to participate to feedback surveys. Users who are registered on SAP Commerce Cloud have full control over their consent settings via their Consent Management page in My Account where they can also turn the preferences for each template to turn them off or on.

Architecture and Extensions:

Architecture Overview:

This SAP Qualtrics integration module comes with extensions that are designed to help customers with feedback through the SAP Commerce Cloud storefront. A detailed diagram outlines the interdependencies of the Qualtrics module to ensure flawless operation and seamless integration.

SAP Qualtrics


This integration module for SAP Qualtrics includes the indispensable Qualtrics add-on Extension which plays an essential function in enabling stores to show the SAP Qualtrics feedback surveys to facilitate continuous customer feedback collection.

Implementation and Configuration:

Beginning with an SAP Qualtrics integration is straightforward and involves a number of steps to ensure a seamless connection with SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Qualtrics:

  • Start Now: Begin the process of integration by installing manually all the necessary extensions.
  • Setting up Backoffice: Create a connection to SAP Qualtrics through configuring your Backoffice’s settings. Modifying the Consent Template Information within SAP Commerce Cloud: Customize the consent template’s details to enable an easy integration to SAP Qualtrics.
  • Configuring SAP Qualtrics To establish a reliable connection with SAP Commerce Cloud, make the required settings in SAP Qualtrics to ensure proper configuration.

Integration of SAP Cloud Platform:

Set up templates to integrate flows that link SAP Qualtrics with other SAP C/4HANA products, forming an entire user experience.The integration of SAP Commerce Cloud with SAP Qualtrics empowers businesses to enhance customer experience by leveraging feedback information. Companies can benefit from valuable insights to tailor their offerings and continually improve their services. This ultimately leads to a higher level of satisfaction with customers and more successful business.


SAP’s sale of its shares in Qualtrics represents a significant strategic move in the software industry. The decision to leverage Silver Lake’s expertise and track record is poised to accelerate Qualtrics’ growth and leadership in the XM category. With impressive growth in its customer base and a rigorous acquisition process, this transaction is set to reshape the landscape of experience management software. As the deal awaits regulatory clearance, all eyes are on the next chapter in Qualtrics’ journey and the software industry’s continued evolution.

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